Rochester Hills

Our Rochester Hills Fly Shop location opened in the Summer of 2015.  Located in Metro-Detroit with in minutes of Paint Creek and the Clinton River.  Click here for a list of upcoming events at all of our locations - LINK

The store is located at:

158 N Adams Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309
(248) 608-4875

Fly Shop Hours:
Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 12am - 4pm

Detroit Fly Shop



 Doug Scoville

Doug Scoville
I started fishing for bluegill as a crumb cruncher with a cane pole, bobber and worm courtesy of my granddad.  I received my first Zebco spinning rod & reel for my 5th birthday, along with an airplane ride in a Cessna 172, where I discovered my love for flying as well (kites, model rockets, small fixed wing, helicopters,high performance trainers and transports).  Toward the end of my 28 year military aviation career beginning with the Marine Corps and finishing with the Air Force Reserve, I was logging more time behind a desk than in the cockpit.

Refusing to learn how to fish on my daughter's Wii, a friend took me fly fishing for the first time on Conneaut Creek, OH for Steelhead.  The first lesson learned, I didn't know Lake Erie had steelhead. Growing up at the bottom of the mitten, I thought Steelhead could only be fished for in Lake Michigan, from a large boat, not with a fly rod (watched a lot of Michigan Out-o- Doors with Mort Neff and Jerry Chippetta).  The second lesson learned, it would be along time before I ever hooked, much less landed, a Steelhead again. 

I have gained experience on western Michigan's rivers and lakes along with Steelhead Alley.  In addition, I have had the opportunity to fish three different rivers in the U.P. as well.  I have had the opportunity to fish four southeast Michigan rivers since moving here earlier this spring and look forward to continually pursuing all species from Musky to Brookies, and everything in between.


  • Jacket:  Patagonia 3-in-1 River Salt/hooded Nano Puff liner (functions as winter coat as well).
  • Waders: Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip front waders (great for those over a half century old).
  • Boots: Patagonia Foot Tractors and Ultra Light wading boots

 Big fish: (Steelhead & Kings):

  • Scott 11' 8 wt T3h Switch Rod (a fast action rod with feel)
  • Hatch 7 Plus reel
  • Line: depends on the river and targeted fish 


  • Scott 9' 7 wt Radian (also, a fast action rod with feel...not a pool cue)
  • Hatch 5 Plus (in the event the fly entices something bigger than a smallie, the reel will meet the challenge)
  • Scientific Anglers MTX Titan Taper WF7F for top water; 
  • Rio 200 gr Sink Tip or SA 200 gr Streamer Express (both great sinking lines for targeting deeper fish in the lake from a kayak).


  • Mystic Au Sable 8'3" 5 wt (used for my first fish from Paint Creek...small steelhead)
  • Lamson Guru 1.5 reel
  • Rio Gold WF5F

Detroit Fly Shop
Don Dziuk

I have taught AP English at Anchor Bay High School for twenty years now.  I received an undergrad degree from Siena Heights University as well as Master's degrees from The University of Michigan and Central Michigan University. I am a national sales rep for Stealthcraft Boats, and believee that they are the finest boats on the planet.  I work closely with owner and dear friend Capt. Mike Batcke of Baldwin, MI..

I am the proud father of Donny Jr. and Lillian.  My beloved wife, Gloria, is a former professional dancer and currently works for a digital advertising company (Rockstar Digital).  I also have a golden retriever named Sage.

I have been fly fishing for upward of twenty five years, and will throw a fly at anything that swims. While I fly fish twelve months a year for trout and other species, I particularly enjoy fall and winter steelheading and fly fishing for musky on Lake St. Clair with my friend Capt. Eric Grajewski.  I have years of experience on local streams like the Paint Creek and The Clinton River, and I'm always willing to extend some advice on these and other fisheries.

When asked about some of his favorite gear...these were his picks:
I am particularly fond of...
  • Sage and Mystic rods
  • Hatch reels
  • I fish Scientific Angler lines exclusively. 
  • As far as supplemental gear, I prefer Simms waders and outerwear.
  • I work closely with long time bud Eli Berant of Great Lakes Fly, and I fish these flies exclusively on my warm water ventures

Mitch Homant

Mitch Homant

I was born in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and I am going into my junior year of high school. I am an extremely avid fisherman and skier, and I have fished as long as I can remember. I love to fly fish for any kind of fish you can imagine from trout, to tarpon. I am also an active member of a local Boy Scout troop where I have been a member for 7 years. I became an employee at the Rochester Hills shop in 2015.

When asked about some of his favorite gear/set ups...these were his picks:

Trout- 9' 4wt Orvis Clearwater with an Orvis Access Mid Arbor III with Orvis Hydros Superfine floating line
Pike/bass and saltwater- 9' 9wt Orvis Clearwater rod and reel with Orvis Hydros bonefish floating line


Jeremiah Knudsen

Jeremiah Knudsen

I grew up in a fly dad's fly shop, Paint Creek Outfitters. I have been fly fishing since I could walk. Fly fishing is my favorite thing to do!

I fish the Paint Creek and up north a ton, since I have a cottage up there.  I fish mainly the Au Sable and secret creeks up and around that area, the Pere Marquette and the Platte.

I worked/ assistant guided out in Alaska last year at Naknek River camp last summer.
When asked about some of his favorite gear...these were his picks:

This is what I run from trout up to bass and pike...
  • G3 Simms Guide Waders and boots with my go to
  • 9' 5wt Orvis Helios 2 with my Hydros reel
 I love fishing for anything that puts up a fight!


Tom Quail


Tom Quail

I spent 42 years in the automotive tooling industry, all in the Detroit area. I have undergraduate degrees from Michigan Tech and a MBA from Walsh College in Troy. I also taught part time for a few years as an adjunct professor at a couple of local Universities. I completed my professional automotive career with a 12 year stint as a consultant and retired in February 2015.

I’ve been fly fishing for about 20 years. My wife and sons gave me an Orvis Clearwater 8 ½’ 5wt rod with a Battenkill Bar Stock reel combo set for Father’s Day several years ago. Having never fly fished before, I enrolled in the local Orvis Fly Fishing School. The rest is history. I now own something like 15 rods (my wife knows the exact number) and numerous reels with several different types of fly lines. Last year I graduated to owning a drift boat. I’ve fished many of Michigan’s waters, for all species of fish. I’ve been fortunate to have fished in New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Argentina Patagonia.

I’m a big believer in getting instruction in order to become a better fly fisher. I’ve accomplished this over the years by booking numerous guide trips, first to become a better fly fisher and second to experience quality fishing I couldn’t have done on my own. My guide trip experiences have been invaluable to improving my learning curve.

I’ve worked part time at the Orvis-Royal Oak corporate store and have volunteered as a Fly Fishing 101 & 201 instructor for five years. I’m a member of several area fly fishing and conservation organizations including; Trout Unlimited (Vanguard Chapter-Rochester Hills), Michigan Fly Fishing Club, FFF, Anglers of the Au Sable, Flygirls, Upper Manistee River Association, and others. I’m currently the Vice Chairman of Michigan Trout Unlimited having served on numerous committees and held many positions within that organization.

I love everything about fly fishing. I especially like helping other fly fishers to progress in this sport. It’s a life activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, of almost any age. My goal is to help you enjoy it as much as I do.

When asked about some of his favorite gear...these were his picks:

Wading Gear:

  • Orvis Riverguard Ultralight Wading Boots
  • Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible Waders

Favorite setups:

  • Dry Fly Fishing: Orvis Superfine 4wt w/Orvis BBS III, Orvis Hydros DT 4wt line
  • Steamer Fishing: Sage VPS 6wt, Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor III, Rio 24’ Sink tip 200/250 grain
  • Pan Fishing: 3wt/4wt/5wt, various reels, WF Floating lines
  • Smallmouth Fishing: Sage VPS 7wt, Orvis BBS IV, Orvis Hydros WF7F
  • Carp/Steelhead/Salmon: 9’ 7wt or 8wt (Custom, Sage or Winston) or Orvis Helios 11’ Switch 8wt
  • Salmon (Kings)/Muskie: Sage 9’ VPS 10wt
  • Fishing with grandchildren: Bobbers & Worms