Here at Nomad Anglers, we want to hear stories of your fly fishing success!

To help foster success we provide a variety of opportunities for learning. Whether it is getting you geared up for your upcoming trip to Belize or tying your next fly for your Steelhead adventure, we want to make sure you feel knowledgeable and empowered to be successful out on the water!

We invite you to check out the classes that we offer:

Fly Fishing 101 - FREE

Fly Fishing 201 - $50

Priviate Casting Instruction $50 per hour (2 students)

Walk-In Instructionals - $175 (2 students $50 upcharge for 3rd)

Fly Fishing Guide Trips - starting at $275

Private Fly Tying Instruction - $50 per hour

We at Nomad Anglers have helped thousands of anglers get into the sport of fly fishing.  Our instructors are approachable and experienced.  We welcome mistakes... we learn from mistakes and often they make for the best stories and a good laugh!  We understand that your time on the water is precous and we want to ensure that you enjoy it.

During the winter months we share many of our tales at Brews and Bugs where local fly tiers teach us new fly patterns.  We hope that you stay connected by checking in on this site or getting on our email list so that you don't miss these opportunities to build our fly fishing community.  

Just as mistakes are welcomed, so are your questions.  Please feel free to share your questions about  techniques, knots, flies or products, by contacting us at