Fly Fishing 201

Fly Fishing 201 $50 per person (3 hour experience with 2 instructors: 6 students)

This class is designed to meet you where you are, however it is intended for anglers who have a basic knowledge of fly-fishing and who have already completed the Fly Fishing 101 class. Fly Fishing 201 classes take you to an on water experience where you will build upon your basic casting (learned in Fly Fishing 101) as we cast on moving water. We will practice reading the water and wading.  We will continue with our study of entomology and we'll learn dry fly and streamer techniques.  Our goal for you, after completing this class, is that you are able to go enjoy yourself on the water with the knowledge necessary to have success on the water independently!

Students will need to be equipped with the following items and Nomad Anglers will provide rods, leaders, flies and all other needs:

  • waders
  • boots
  • polarized sunglasses
  • stripping guards (finger sleeves to prevent burn from stripping your line)
  • light rain jacket (if necessary)

Fly Fishing 201 is a three hour class with 9am or 1pm sessions available. If you would like to attend a class please contact Nomad Anglers to reserve a spot. Email  with your name, preferred date & time,  and phone number.

Rochester Hills 2017

Grand Rapids 2017
: MAY 7th