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  • Fall 2017 Events


    FREE Fly Tying 101
    Dates: September 10th, October 8th, November 12th, December 10th
    Time: 12-2 pm
    Cost: FREE
    Location: East Lansing & Grand Rapids
    About: Learn fly tying basics with all tools and materials provided.

    Brews & Bugs 
    September 20th - Fall Streamer Patterns
    October 4th - Fall Steelhead Swing Patterns I
    October 18th - Fall Steelhead Swing Patterns II
    November 1st - Wild Card New Materials
    November 15th - Winter Steelhead Patterns
    Time: 6-8 pm
    Cost: $20
    Location: East Lansing & Grand Rapids
    About: Learn new patterns and techniques that are proven to help you catch fish. All materials will be provided. Please bring your vise, tools and thread.

    Fall Steelhead 101 
    Date: September 12th
    Time: 6-8 pm
    Cost: FREE
    Location : East Lansing & Grand Rapids
    About: Join the guys from the shop to learn about rigging, fly selection, techniques and locations to chase Fall steelhead across the state of Michigan.

    Fall Steelhead 201 
    Date: September 17th Time: 4-7 pm
    Cost: $50
    Location: Grand Rapids Rogue River
    About: Join the guys for an on water instruction on how to rig, cast and present flies for fall steelhead in Michigan. We will have gear to use, but if you have your own, we recommend you bring your gear so we can make sure everything is rigged correctly.
  • Night Ops

    Graveyard shift mice eaters.

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  • Diversity

    Probably one of the last hex photos you’ll see posted this year is of a friend of mine, Bert. Bert’s grin in the picture doesn’t tell the entire story. He’s a fairly new fly fisher, and that night was his first hex trip to my knowledge. When I dropped the anchor to set up on this fish, I had no idea it was as big as it ended up being. But, within a few seconds of the fish eating, it was 25 yards downstream tight to a log jam. I flipped on my headlamp in excitement to see Bert fumbling with much more slack line than he should have been, and I knew landing this fish would take just as much luck as skill. Fortunately, after a moment or two of disarray in the boat, the fish was netted and quickly photographed amidst laughter. That sequence sort of sums up hex season for me. Plenty of chaos, confusion, and laughter all wrapped into a bunch of late nights.
    I’d say hex season has all but ended on most rivers around the state, and I’m only mildly upset that this is the case (although I did hear several flutter by while I was on the river Saturday night). In the wake of the big bugs, my excitement about mousing has increased (pun intended) and I’ve remembered the diverse fishing opportunities that late summer presents a fly fisher. Several evenings waking flies over the past week and a half were met with only mild success, but I’m certain that the night fishing will only get better. In addition, I spent several days fishing hoppers, having fun with a new nymph rod, and chasing smallies. A couple of the really good photos from those trips are shown below. They were taken by photographer Lance Nelson who is great at his job and a fun guy to have in the boat. You can check out more of his work on Instagram @riseform.


    After all that rain last month, the rivers up north are finally back to the flows and clarity we’re used to, and they’ve begun to warm pretty quickly. I’ve heard of clouds of Tricos on the North Branch of the Au Sable in the mornings. I’ve seen Isos and a few Cahills on the Upper Manistee when I’ve sat and watched. Depending on the river, blind fishing an Iso is probably still one of your safest bets to bring a fish to the surface. As we move forward, start pounding cover with your favorite terrestrial patterns. Skunks, Chernobyls, just make sure it has rubber legs. Don’t be afraid to drop a small ant pattern off the back of your big bug. Erich Gross, here at Nomad, ties an awesome sunken ant pattern for this occasion. For you night fishers, I tend to think of mousing a lot like I do streamer fishing. If I’m not moving fish on one pattern in spots I think I should be, I’ll usually cycle through a few more patterns and see if they work. Most of the fish I’ve found that’ve been willing to eat this year have come from the soft water behind sweepers, or just off the center of a slow, shallow seem. I expect that as the moon begins to wane, inside bends and long shallow flats may start fishing a little better. Whether you prefer size 20 something mayflies, foam and rubber legs, mousing at night, or switching to warmwater species, be sure to appreciate the variety of options that late summer in Michigan has to offer.



  • Warmwater, Hoppers & Mice

    Forth of July has come and gone and Hex have essentially done their last spinner falls but, that doesn't mean summer is over.  There is a ton of fishing left to do.  Break out your hopper dropper box, heavy  glow lines and mice or grab your 7 wts and hit our local prime smallmouth rivers and toss streamers and poppers.  Flows are at good wading levels across the state and fish have been active.  July and August present some pretty great opportunities for fly fishing around the state of Michigan.

  • Rochester Hills Shop


    It is with gratitude and sadness that we announce we will be shutting the doors on our Rochester Hills location this weekend. We truly appreciate the support over the past 2 years but, after looking at expenses, retail climate, and lease options, we feel it's more important to focus on our original two stores in East Lansing & Grand Rapids. Thank you to everyone who supported the shop, took part in classes and helped promote the store. We look forward to the next chapter for Nomad Anglers and what adventures are to come.

    All gift cards, shop credits and exchanges are valid online or at one of our other locations.  Please contact with any questions.

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